MMP is continuing to improve the component design, integration, and operating performance of the system. The unique circuitry for electronic pulse generation reduces the energy requirements. MMP is actively seeking opportunities to collaborate on product testing and evaluation.

MMP’s low wattage electrolysis technology efficiently produces disinfectant and hydrogen gas from various levels of water quality with a turbidity of less than 10 Nephelometric Turbidity Units (Dirty Water). The cost of feedstock water (municipal wastewater, tap water, and/or sea water) in the system is minimal to zero compared to .30/gal (deionized water) in a standard electrolyzer.

 MM DiriGoH20 Leading Electrolyzer
Purity85 – 99%99.99%
Water QualityWastewater (no cost) Turbidity of 10 NPU or less De-ionized Water ($.30/gal) ASTM Type II
Water Consumption10 mL/hour or .24 Liters per 24 hours of operation12 mL/hour or .29 Liters per 24 hours of operation
Power Consumption120 watts120 watts
Product (H2 gas) Flow Rate230 mL/minute200 mL/minute
Capital Cost$ 6,500.00 $12,000.00
*Manufacturers Published Technical Specifications 2019
**Internal Vapor Analysis conducted by Oneida Research Services
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Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI)

Living and operating in a COVID-19 reality presents unforeseen pressures on manufacturing, healthcare, and other businesses. The production of safe, affordable, and effective hypochlorous acid is an immediate solution to improve safety in most commercial and residential facilities. 

HOCI vs. Bleach

   Hypochlorous Acid  Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite)
Method of ProductionElectrolysis of salt waterChemical reaction between chlorine and sodium hydroxide
Chemical FormulaHOCINaOCI
pHpH 6-7pH 13
CorrosivenessNon-corrosiveHighly corrosive
Side EffectsNon-toxic, non-irritatingNausea, irritation to skin, eyes or throat
PrecautionsSafe if ingested in small amounts, safe for kidsUse in well ventilated area, keep away from children