The DiriGoH20 technology can convert low-cost tap water or seawater to a powerful nontoxic disinfectant and/or clean hydrogen gas. All products can be produced from the same electrolyzer unit or separate units.

This renewable green electrolysis will reduce the need for toxic disinfectants like chlorine bleach, and fossil fuels like oil and gas. Applications for the technology are immense and endless, from generating toxic-free disinfectant to clean hydrogen gas with zero carbon emissions. 

Affordable Electrolysis

Water electrolysis is one of the most promising methods for converting water and salt to HOCI and hydrogen. The largest barrier, until now, has been the high cost of energy or electricity required.

DiriGoH20 technology has all the features and benefits of an electrolyzer without the high costs of energy. Using a novel pulsed electrolysis system, requiring only tap water (or unfiltered water) and salt, the process has become more affordable, renewable, and carbon-free.

This new technology is a separations and extraction process that is chemical-free, and more affordable than standard direct current electrolysis. Our on-demand technology produces HOCl and hydrogen at the point of use, so disinfectant and/or gas can be generated 24/7, when and where it is needed, in any weather condition, in any location.