• MMP solves both energy and sanitizing problems. From the energy perspective, the hydrogen can be burned (carbon free) for heating or can power a fuel cell for electricity. 
  • From the sanitizing perspective, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a free chlorine solution which is nontoxic and better for the environment. 
  • Three MMP Products — DiriGoClean (disinfectant), DiriGoStream (wastewater treatment), and DiriGoHydro (hydrogen gas) — can be produced from the same unit or separate units.
  • This carbon free technology will eliminate the need for toxic disinfectants like chlorine bleach and expensive fossil fuels.

This new technology is a separations and extraction process that is chemical-free, and more affordable than standard direct current electrolysis. Our on-demand technology produces HOCl and hydrogen at the point of use, so disinfectant and/or gas can be generated 24/7, when and where it is needed, in any weather condition, in any location.