The DiriGoHydro mobile unit produces renewable hydrogen gas on-demand in any facility where it is needed. The unit converts low-cost water to hydrogen gas and requires less energy than today’s electrolysis. Now green hydrogen energy is more accessible and affordable.

  • The Hydrogen gas is carbon-free and can be converted to heat with a burner, or electricity with a fuel cell or generator.
  • To generate heat, a low temperature radiant heat boiler converts hydrogen gas in a catalytic process without a flame.
  • With minimal need for storage, hydrogen can be produced when and where it is needed. Any municipality could potentially produce their own hydrogen gas for heat and electricity.
  • The technology has all the features and benefits of an electrolyzer without the high costs of feedstock (deionized water) and energy usage.
  • Water electrolysis is one of the most promising methods for converting renewable energy to hydrogen.